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I’m making a post with some new videos I found here and there because it would take too many posts to put them all.

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Robert was a guest of Jimmy Fallon last night. Enjoy HQ stills and videos that I added to the gallery and found online.

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The gallery was updated with HQ images of Robert during the NYSE Opening Bell. Enjoy them!

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This is your fifth film as Tony Stark, with more to come. Why do you keep returning?
I love the people. This time around I felt like I got closer to the cast, and Joss and I are pals.

How do you keep Tony fresh? 
With the first Avengers film, Tony was becoming a team player, and with Iron Man 3 it was him transcending his dependency on the tech that’s keeping him alive. So I thought, “OK, now what?” But there’s the matter of a certain wormhole that opened over New York.

Ultron [voiced by James Spader] is Tony’s peacekeeping software, which then decides to wipe out humanity. Tony always seems to be the driving force behind the villain. What’s he doing wrong?
I don’t know, but maybe it’s convenient because he’s the guy who’s presumably technologically responsible. He can take a bit more risk with defects of character, so as it happens I think he’s a good guy to have around to do dumb and/or bad things.

What was it like working with your old mate James Spader?
He was the first person I saw off the boat when I got to LA and he took me under his wing. I’ve certainly borrowed from his style more than a few times over the years. I think another great full circle thing is Paul Bettany coming in and giving us a dose of Jarvis via [new android Avenger] The Vision, because he’s essentially been with me from the beginning.

How does Stark Tower look this time around?
I walked on the stages and I said, “Wow, this is really impressive.” The floors look beautiful. They’re so slippery, though, that it also added an unforeseen amount of excitement and danger to walk three steps.

Does it help that most of you know each other much better now?
When you’ve been at something for some time, there is a sense of extended family. Everyone’s definitely carrying more of their weight.

So what is it about Marvel that attracts such incredible talent?
It’s the ultimate stage for a big, fun movie. And it’s one thing to be able to have success here and there, but this is unprecedented. It’s like any way the river has gone it’s wound up finding people who wanted to drink from it. I guess the big idea also is that there’s something that makes everything feel connected.

What’s your dream audience reaction?
I just hope people say “Wow”. This movie is incredibly fun and thoughtful and has great themes and there’s a whole bunch of new people, so that’s my seal of approval.



I’ve added to the gallery HQ scans from EW issue of 1st May about Avengers.

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