How To Get Followers To Increase Your Twitter Likes

News 07:01 January 2017:

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As a new tweet, the focus is always centered on attracting more Twitter followers to enhance engagements on this platform. The initial numbers you generate should invite others to follow you when they see the massive numbers of Twitter likes directed to your page. Probably you are trying to balance the follower-following ratio on your twitter account. Because of the ego issues, we always want to appear cool by having many followers while you following only a few tweeps.

Forget all this and follow as many people as you can and forget to look for followers during this entire process. Let the follower-following ratio be on hold in the meantime. A good percentage of those you following will be obliged to follow back as a sign of appreciating your effort to follow them. Such people on a daily basis will turn to be thousands after a period that may increase your Twitter likes to the content you posting. Take time now to slash the number of your followers basing on your own criteria like those you no longer active, irrelevant content they post, those never online, etc.