Blocking Spam FromSnapchat Followers.

News 03:02 February 2024:

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Snapchat can be boring if you are consistently getting snaps and videos from your Snapchat followers in the form of spam that is of little or no interest to you at all. It is depressing to get constant notifications of things you not interested in that may distract you from other meaningful interactions. To prevent such content from your profile, you need to adjust your privacy settings to allow only your friends to send snaps and remove unwanted stories from your timeline.

Just proceed to your profile by tapping the ghost icon. Once the profile is displayed, move to the gear icon at the upper right corner and select the settings option. Proceed to ‘receive snaps’ option under your account email address. Choose ‘only my friends’ to enable getting snaps only from Snapchat followers you know and all the spam content will be stopped. This option, however,  does not permit you to block or remove live feeds and discover options in your stories. This is because the Snapchat platform automatically sends you everything hence not able to clear the live streams from your end.