Blocking Spam FromSnapchat Followers.

Snapchat can be boring if you are consistently getting snaps and videos from your Snapchat followers in the form of spam that is of little or no interest to you at all. It is depressing to get constant notifications of things you not interested in that may distract you from other meaningful interactions. To prevent such content from your profile, you need to adjust your privacy settings to allow only your friends to send snaps and remove unwanted stories from your timeline.

Just proceed to your profile by tapping the ghost icon. Once the profile is displayed, move to the gear icon at the upper right corner and select the settings option. Proceed to ‘receive snaps’ option under your account email address. Choose ‘only my friends’ to enable getting snaps only from Snapchat followers you know and all the spam content will be stopped. This option, however,  does not permit you to block or remove live feeds and discover options in your stories. This is because the Snapchat platform automatically sends you everything hence not able to clear the live streams from your end.

How To Get Followers To Increase Your Twitter Likes

As a new tweet, the focus is always centered on attracting more Twitter followers to enhance engagements on this platform. The initial numbers you generate should invite others to follow you when they see the massive numbers of Twitter likes directed to your page. Probably you are trying to balance the follower-following ratio on your twitter account. Because of the ego issues, we always want to appear cool by having many followers while you following only a few tweeps.

Forget all this and follow as many people as you can and forget to look for followers during this entire process. Let the follower-following ratio be on hold in the meantime. A good percentage of those you following will be obliged to follow back as a sign of appreciating your effort to follow them. Such people on a daily basis will turn to be thousands after a period that may increase your Twitter likes to the content you posting. Take time now to slash the number of your followers basing on your own criteria like those you no longer active, irrelevant content they post, those never online, etc.

Using Fav Cleaner App To Delete Twitter Likes

Depending on the amount of time you spent and the number of followers you engage in on a daily basis, a lot of traffic is likely to come your way. You will realize that you will get more followers, increased Twitter likes and replies. Tracing old engagements can be strenuous if these numbers grow fast and it is one of the reasons people aim to delete them. The deleting can be based on other reasons but all in all, it is a long process if doing it one by one. It is time to consider using the Fav cleaner app tool to make the entire process fast and easier. It is you to log to that account you intend to clean, and the whole process is carried out automatically. Is it the thing for you? Then follow these simple steps below to remove the unintended Twitter likes today.

First, it is important to recognize that the app works well with thousands of likes you want to remove with a click away. Marketers find it ideal to remove engagements that they used in the past to build their online community on Twitter or that may not be relevant or adding value in the present time. Begin by visiting the Fav cleaner website. In the site, locate the twitter icon and key in the Twitter login details of the account you intend to remove the likes. After successfully signing in, proceed to allow the Cleaner tool to access that account to enable it to work efficiently. Without granting the permission, no likes will be deleted at all.

On accessing the account, the tool will identify the likes to be removed and commence immediately as you watch in comfort. Depending on the numbers, you can choose to monitor the process by refreshing the tab to see the cleaning progress. You will get a prompt to indicate the end the process, and it will be done. Log into your account and check if the Twitter likes are still there or not. You will be surprised that your profile will be clean and all the previous likes engagements are no more.

Regardless of your reasons to remove them, you are assured of getting the intended results. However, the app is not flexible as it focuses on the end results only. You have no chance to get any customization at any given point. You are not able to choose the time frame extent to delete, what to delete and what to retain as the Fav cleaner app gets rid of everything totally. Many other apps are likely to offer similar automation, but each come with own advantages and disadvantages. Take time, seek clarifications and advice on the better one before giving a go ahead. At all times, ensure that the benefits of carrying out the entire process deliver results with minimal risks exposed to your twitter account going forward. This is because you are exposing your account to third parties likely to interfere with the set terms and conditions of security administrators that may lead to its suspension.